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Merci bien! Love love love. I am at a similar place in my life, although quite possibly facing it with less grace and wisdom. I, too, have a wonderfully wise sister, and a tricky, flashing sense of humor that sometimes creates connection and sometimes disconnection — from people, experience, my own feelings. Your words land powerfully. Thank you.

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May your lack of humor bring you joy :. Mais attends Garance, je vais venir te faire des blagues et te chatouiller sous les bras!

Il y existe des passions qui ne sont pas destructrices! I think this is the first time I comment but this text resonated even more with me than many others. I was saying the same thing to my husband yesterday. But can we be funny without being a little mean? I never realised how bad it had gotten until she snapped and had to be medicated. Thank you for sharing. Your thoughts always make us think, have a different look at our life. To be honest, this bummed me out. I am happy for you that you are finding peace and comfort in your life — but what always drew me to your writing was the joy and life and spirit that I felt from you.

You can be peaceful, and zen, and relaxed — and laugh until your sides hurt, with people who are both good and lively. What a beautiful tale! I can relate and have lost it for different reasons. I can see how that happens, all the steps leading to this place. Your new life sounds better despite the missing bit of humor. Hugs and thank you for sharing deeply. But the definition of benign is relative as you pointed out. But I think you can cultivate humor and delight in unexpected joyful moments.

My little nieces love my BF and we get a kick out of how they clamor for him on FaceTime. My girlfriends and significant others have a monthly game night. I really seek out laughs, my husband is very witty and we laugh every day. We attend the comedy festival every year and I agree with you we avoid ascerbic wit. My son recently put me on to Adam Buxton podcasts, he conducts amusing interviews, he puts a smile on my face when working out.

That pretty much eliminates mean jokes. It makes me an insufferably serious and unfunny person. But not mean. Your honest accounts of your journey offer your readers a sane alternative, an accessible role model, in the face of societal and social media pressures to be so very different—materialistic, shallow, power-hungry.

I felt like writing a long, sensitive, soulful, very personal comment. But you said it on point. So this is my comment: try Laughter Yoga. No joke. Is this part of maturity, being more genuine and editing ones life for the better? Or is this a bit sad and low? The laughter will come back in the best way. My best friend and I laugh all the time.

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Sometimes at ourselves gently or just how funny life is. When you have someone who knows you so well as your sister does you, it starts to come easily. Looking out your window at nature and the funny way animals navigate their day can bring a good chuckle. I have found myself not being able to laugh at those I used to think were funny. Art always reflects life. Ah Soundbaths are magical. I think people make fun of LA because there might be a wee bit of jealousy.

We are game to try anything.


Relax and and enjoy the ride. Oh Garance, thank you so much for sharing this. I have to say, I followed you religiously when I was a student, over a decade ago. Then I kinda thought that I had absolutely zero in common with your then fabulous fashion life so I stopped. And then started again a few months ago and since then I feel like I can relate to you like to noone else I actually know.

It seems like we have been going through a very similar journey — from chronic insomnia to trying to reconnect and discover who we really want to be as women.

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I wish I had a sister to tell me all of that but reading about your experience is the second best thing. Love from London x. I think you would really love and benefit from the lovely writings of a casual friend of mine…Liza Forster. She worked in comedy television in New York even married a comic who has gone on to be quite successful.

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She is quite singular! I have absolutely NO self-interest in seeing this happen. Serves me in no way…but I think you will find something you are looking for there. Seems your hearts are aligned and perhaps you will even laugh. Happy hunting…xxxx J. Love this so much! I feel empowered. I remember losing my ability to laugh. I was burnt out, spent and dead-pan not laughing or even attempting to smile or respond to jokes even when kind. I was working too much and doing too much to please people and forgot about myself. Not a good place to be but as some of your readers have written in as you also experienced, humour is one of the greatest ways to ride the waves in life.

Aaahhh, entering your thirties, right , G? Last monday , i went to my 5 year-old nephew karate lesson and while i was there ,me and my Brother had an identical talk with slight nuances, you Know? Followed by an Amazing dinner with the Machado Teixeira Family!!! But , yeah, feel you , G!!! By the way , let me tell you one thing …Humm… You are a Brilliant Creature!!!

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It takes a courage to live a life you want, despite anything and anybody. The only constant is change.

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Be well Garance, we are in this together. Garance, I can totally relate! When everything is calm and peaceful. We all have a tendency towards the dramatic but eventually we have to let it go. I try to make the most of it because you never know when your whole world will be flipped upside down again. Merci Garance, encore une fois. I can practice active waiting and have a deep appreciation for it when it comes. Hi Garance, I loved reading this post. It resonated with me a lot as I too have started to prioritize the people with whom I spend my time.

When I had a soul searching moment of thinking about what qualities my very best friends have, they all have several things in common such as honesty, family values, respect for others etc and they never really talk about other people in a catty way. But I have managed to find my place in my career and also to have my friends outside of my career.

I have also met some nice friends in the industry who have shared values. I think it is all about spending time with people who lift each other up without putting others down.

And we always find a way to share many many laughs! Thanks for writing this!! Besos, Raquel. Thank you for expressing so plainly and gracefully something I have experienced myself. It took me 7 years to move out of the excitement craving and biting humour, into peace within myself and with others. I lost friends too but also the drama that went with them.